Thursday, December 16, 2004

Magical realism

Latin American authors have enriched world literature with their contributions to a genre named magical realism, which, as the name suggests, is characterised by the intermingling of realistic and magical elements.

A few days ago, I had an experience that seemed magically real to me. A friend took us to visit an old lady who lives at the top of a mountain. She's 87 years old, fluent in four languages, breeds orchids and walks up the hill and down the dale so nimbly that I, a fit 30-year-old, had trouble keeping up. With the help of two assistants, she has converted her mountain retreat into a breathtaking paradise that obviously helps to keep her young. The old lady and her eyrie had an otherworldly quality that left its mark on me.

Why do I write about her? Because it is important to keep in mind what an incredibly lovely country Venezuela is and that not all the news from here is bad. It has breathtaking variety to offer in so many fields and should enjoy stellar fame as a premier tourist destination. In the long view, I am sure that the country will fulfil its potential, and the Chávez episode will fade into insignificance like a short, bad dream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That old lady is surrounded by beauty, beauty that abounds in the country.
The ugly, the bad, the dark appears when the country-killer chavez shows up like a nightmare that I hope will end soon.
The means of his end? not like a boa's victim, but like a boa itself, he will tighten so much around himself that will end up suffocating him and his trouppe of clowns.

9:07 pm  

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