Saturday, November 20, 2004

Where it all begins

So, is this what blogging's all about: making one's inner monologue available for the world to see? We shall see what comes of this venture over the next few months, or perhaps years. It is a voyage of discovery for me and for you, esteemed reader; let us see where it takes us.

Recently, my inner monologue has often been adamant, exasperated, and indignant; there are a lot of developments in the world that do not reflect favourably on the learning ability of our species, and something needs to be done about these issues. Naming and understanding them is a first step.

This blog will be my outlet for my thoughts on these issues and anything else that tickles my fancy. Topics to look out for: international relations, above all between EMEA and the Americas; the art of thinking things through to their conclusions; developments in Venezuela; the unfortunate backsliding to pre-enlightenment faith in the USA; women's rights; the role of progress and economic liberty; and a bit of commentary on books and music to keep us amused.

So, let's huddle around the fire and listen to some stories...


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